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Florida Sunrise Ocean Ridge
Florida Sunrise Ocean Ridge near Sun Dek Beach House

We are based in South Florida and have spent the last four decades loving the Sunshine State and all it has to offer. In this We Travel Florida Blog we are sharing experiences and insights about properties, restaurants, and attractions we have visited.

Over the last year we have taken time to experience and explore many properties which are members of as part of a program that received some funding from  http://www.VisitFlorida.Org. Our opinions are our own and the funding has been mostly out of our own pockets and the gracious hospitality of some of the member properties.

Florida is a great place to live, work, and visit. After four decades of living here what I know without a doubt is that it is such a big state with so many people that there’s always something new and every-changing. If you are ever bored, take a ride from tip to tip of the state of Florida and you’ll have a lot of hours on the road and a truly diversified trip as the landscape is different across the state from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle and border to cross in Georgia.

If you love water we’ve got lots of water and activities in and around the water to participate in or just watch. If you’re interested in Snow skiing or Mountain climbing, my suggestion is to find another state to visit.

When we travel for whatever reason- business or pleasure, we have choices about how we can experience these trips and in what type of accommodations we can stay.

It’s our intention to share with you a wide variety of options so let’s start with some of the unique and boutique properties owned by members of

The first stop for our We Travel Florida Blog is in South Florida in Pompano Beach. We met Elaine and toured her properties that were all located within two blocks of Pompano Beach.

Pompano Beach is located north and east of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport is you are flying in or about an hour South of the Palm Beach International Airport if you are arriving there. The hot activity that we’re been hearing about in Pompano Beach is diving. Yes, Scuba Diving.

Elaine took us on a tour of her five properties, all small and intimate with no more than five or six guest units at each property. It was easy to imagine having a family reunion or special occasion to book the entire property or to take a vacation and escape work for a day or two and go to the beach, dancing, dining, doing yoga with the group by the beach and even snorkeling or scuba diving.

The City of Pompano Beach upgraded the beach area and there’s a brand new multi-story parking garage for those coming down to the beach so as not to worry about finding parking along the street near the beach. The City of Pompano Beach made amazing changes that create a more inviting atmosphere for those who are coming to experience Pompano Beach.