We Travel Florida – Entrepreneurial Branding


We Travel Florida  supports Tourism & Entrepreneurs by providing Brand Showcasing and Optimizing, with Customized Services created to help your Business or Investment stand out from your Competition as your new customers Travel Florida.

Some of the ways We Travel Florida Promotes Tourism and Entrepreneurial Profitability are by:

• Providing Entrepreneurial Videos and profit inviting solutions to Businesses and Entrepreneurs.
Delivering exceptional value and services in arenas such as: Florida Travel Destinations, Locational Shoots (Photo and Video), Live Media, Production Shoots, Editorial Photography.
• Creating Best Face Forward Photos: for Hotels, Conventions, Corporate Events, Restaurants and Corporate Retreats.
Chef Specialty Food Showcasing, New Product/Production Releases, Video, Behind the Scenes Imaging.
Full Media coverage of Key Players & Featured Speakers

Experience rich and delivering tangible Results, we customize our services to meet YOUR business needs, and over deliver – in a timely manner.

How Does We Travel Florida Promote Tourism?
It was Lori Wilk’s honor to be a keynote speaker at the 27th Annual Superior Small Lodging Association Conference which was held on September 19th, 2016 in Gulfport, Florida. Working in conjunction with a modest grant from Travel Florida, and with the Superior Small Lodging Association (SSL), Lori, and her hand-picked Team, brings her 30 years of Radio and TV Show Hosting, and in several short months has already created Destination and Property Videos for selected SSL Member Properties in Broward, Palm Beach and Pinellas Counties.

What Makes Ms. Lori Wilk of Strategic Media Influence so very unique are her Gifts of TV Broadcasting and Global Media Expertise, along with her knowing how, where, and in which Social Media vehicles to release your material so that you Maximize and Get Noticeable Results.


WIIFY* as an Entrepreneur?
What’s in it for you is that we provide Complete and Unique Professional Services that will Optimize and Showcase your Brand, your Company, and most importantly, Your Uniqueness. Live and On Location at your event, Our Team can not only shoot Live Video and Behind-the-Scene Photographs of the Event, Players, Product and Service, but we can also Broadcast Live Video Interviews with Key Speakers and with the positive on-the-spot feedback from your Audience and Participants.

Additionally, JoAnn Goldsmith, of Authentic Branding With Heart, works behind the scenes of your Featured Presenters and Suppliers and Delivers additional Photographs, and a unique insight that not only better connect you to your Target Audience, but also bring a Madison Avenue touch to your Event and to your Content. Able to identify the strengths, and the essence behind that which you are actually communicating, Ms. Goldsmith’s valuable insight can not only save you time, but also save you and your company thousands of dollars.
Our hand-picked Team Players Bring Invaluable Insight & Years of Professional Experience to You.

At We Travel Florida, we hear your needs, and can support and deliver Exceptional Branding, Marketing in any – or part of your business. And one of our specialties is to hear your needs and visions, and to and to come up with an immediate game plan to implement them.

Withclose to 10,000 Followers on Twitter, Lori Wilk is well-versed and creates a trackable, MEDIA Influence in Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Google +, Instagram and Snapchat.

Design Branding Expert, JoAnn Goldsmith, with her 30 years of Advertising & Branding on Madison Ave experience such as L’eggs Pantyhose, White Cloud Toilet Paper, Stove Top Stuffing and Duncan Hines Cookie Mix – delivers customized Coaching, Design Branding Packages – for both New and for “Re-freshed Brands,” and can dramatically transform your Photographic Before’s and After’s to give your Brand an expanded vibrational impact.


We Travel Florida is Produced and Hosted by Lori Wilk of
Strategic Media Influence, LLC, AND, is Brought to you in Partnership with JoAnn Goldsmith of Authentic Branding With Heart
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Funded in part by a grant from “Visit Florida” and Superior Small Lodging Association. Thanks to Design Branding Expert, JoAnn Goldsmith for creating our We Travel Florida Logo, and for our latest Travel Photographs from the Gulf Coast of Florida.